Welcome to the RCI's Gay/Straight Alliance!

Founded in January 2010, our mission is to create a more accepting environment for gay, lesbian, bi, and trans students at Renfrew Collegiate Institute. For more information about our high school, check info about RCI. For more information on the Gay/Straight Alliance, read our constitution.

To learn about GSAs in general, have a look at MyGSA.ca's FAQ . We also have a list of useful links and resources for anyone interested.

If you want to print your own posters or flyers, you can download them from this site. Consider joining the I Support Tolerance at RCI Facebook group to show your support for LGBT students.

President: Hailie Harris
Off-campus Advisor: Trent Eady
Other positions: Open to you!
Staff Advisors: Mr. S. Buffam, Mrs. A. McGregor-Stewart

If you're a student or community member who would like to help out in any capacity, or if you have any questions, please get in touch via the school or via Facebook.



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